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Britax Graphene Tex

Britax Graphene Tex

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Type A4/B Convertible Car Seat (Birth to 4 years approx.) rearward facing installation.
REARWARD FACING INSTALLATION (Birth to 2-3 years approx.) forward facing installation FORWARD FACING INSTALLATION (12 months to 4 years approx.).

✔ SIDE IMPACT CUSHION TECHNOLOGY (SICT™) - TORSO PROTECTION Our patented Torso SICT™ design minimises the energy impact on your child’s chest and vital organs, and reducing crash forces for greater protection.
✔ REAR FACING FOR LONGER Your child can remain rearward facing until they are 30 months old or (approximately 2-3 years old), which is safer for your child.
✔ ISOFIX COMPATIBLE ISOFLEX™ connectors allow for installation to vehicles with ISOFIX low anchorages.
✔ ISOFIX use ensures an easier installation, correct fit and a safer journey every time.
✔ THERMO5® BAMBOO FABRIC Thermo5® High Performance fabric with Bamboo Charcoal delivers the premium comfort your baby deserves.
✔ ACTIVE HEAD RESTRAINT™ (AHR)™ Features deep side wings that shield and contain your child’s head in a side impact crash. Also includes EPS layer to absorb energy in a crash to reduce potential injury.
✔ COMPACT DESIGN Perfect for cars with small internal widths and where the front seats are in close proximity to the back..
✔ Suitability - From birth to 4 years (approx.)
✔ Rearward Facing From birth to 12 months (approx.) OR From birth to 2-3 years (approx.)
✔ Forward Facing From 12mths to 4 years (approx.)
✔ Rearward Facing D: 520mm

 ✔ Forward Facing Upright H: 685mm D: 425mm W: 440mm
✔ Footprint 285mm (250mm Recline Foot)
✔ Lower Height Marker 350mm approx.
✔ Middle Height Marker 390mm approx.
✔ Upper Height Marker 435mm approx.

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