We are often asked why does a pram need a service? Like most things nowadays, general servicing and maintenance is essential to keep your pram in it's best condition.

As there are many moving parts on a pram, it is essential to make sure they are regularly cleaned and lubricated to ensure the components are moving freely and free from rust or dirt that may have built up.

By regularly servicing your pram, we can generally pick up any faults prior to them become a major issue, preventative maintenance.

It is also a manufacturer warranty requirement to have your pram serviced and maintained to ensure you do not void your warranty.

A general service includes:
* Lubricate and tighten joints
* Clean and lubricate wheel axles
* Inspect and check tyre pressure
* Inspect and test brake and steering components
* Carry out safety inspection
* Check harness system

Pram servicing starts from $65 and can usually be done on the same day. Booking essentials. To book a service, either call or submit a service enquiry below.

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