“It is estimated that every year in Australia, 28 children aged 10 years
and under are killed and 2773 are injured in car crashes.”

Child restraints can help lower these numbers.

(*) National Transport Commission, Australian Road Rules, 7th Amendment Package 2007, Regulatory Impact Statement.

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BabySafe Fixed Location

A fixed location is either a BabySafe fitting station or Hospital location.

  • Installation - $55
  • Additional Installation in the same vehicle - $35

we come to you

Mobile Service

The mobile service pricing varies depending on travel distance and location. Our base prices are listed below.

  • Mobile Installation - $65
  • Additional installation in the same vehicle - $35
  • Call out fee - $25 (depending on location)

Pricing listed is a guide only. Please view our locations page and contact your closest fitting station to confirm pricing. Pricing may vary between centres and services.

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